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Breast Health

About one in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime, making breast cancer the second-most common cancer in women, behind lung cancer. While breast cancer is very serious, the rate of death among breast cancer patients is going down, largely due to early detection. Three actions are key to maintaining breast health—monthly self-examination, annual physical exam for women of all ages, and regular mammograms, usually beginning at age 40. Women First offers you the newest mammography technology, digital mammography, right in our office.

Committed to improving your ability to obtain regular mammograms, Women First typically schedules mammogram services for you at the time of your annual gynecologic exam. Mammogram technical services are provided by our own staff of Radiologic Technologists in the Women First office. These dedicated staff members maintain up-to-date certifications with the America College of Radiology, in addition to undergoing annual inspections.

The breast images taken in our Imaging Suite are sent to Baptist Health Diagnostic Center in Louisville, where they are interpreted by radiologists specializing in breast diagnostics. Results are usually available in two days and you will be notified of the results, typically by mail.

The most important thing to remember is this—successful treatment and survival rates for breast cancer patients are dramatically affected by early detection of breast cancers. If we can catch it before it has spread to the lymph nodes, the five-year survival rate is almost 100 percent. And that’s a number we can live with.

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