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Your Annual Wellness Exam

Outside of healthy daily living habits, nothing is more important for your personal health than your annual exam. At Women First, your annual women’s health appointment is a vital part of your health care, and the perfect time to talk to your Care Team about your personal health questions. From the time you’re 21 years old and every year after, an annual women’s health exam is an excellent way to stay on track for a healthy lifestyle and spot any problems early, while they may be more easily manageable. Current patients, you can schedule your Well-Woman Visit online now by clicking here. If you are a new patient, please call 502.891.8788 to schedule your initial visit.

At your annual exam, your Care Team will take your personal and family history and perform a complete physical exam with important breast, cervical, uterine, ovarian and colon screenings. We’ll make sure you’re up to date on immunizations and cancer screenings. And at each annual visit, we make time to talk with you…about your emotional and sexual health, fertility goals, family planning, hormonal challenges, and any other health questions you may have. We’ll even schedule your annual mammogram for the same visit—right here in the Women First office.

Even though new guidelines suggest some women may not need annual Pap tests, it is still recommended that women have annual physicals with their gynecologist. In addition to important screenings for cancers and care for your physical, mental and sexual health, your annual exam is a chance to explore your health concerns and make sure your overall health is at its best. And as you return to Women First year after year, you’re partnering with professionals who know your history and care about your ongoing health and wellness. At Women First, your annual exam is about putting you first!

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