Take Control of Your Delivery with the Power of Wireless Telemetry Monitoring

If you’re planning to deliver without an epidural or limit the use of pain interventions as long as possible, then wireless Telemetry Monitoring may be for you. We use fetal monitoring during labor to try to better understand what is happening in utero so we can more safely deliver your baby. In the past to be monitored, you were attached to a monitor via cords that were several feet long. Now, you no longer have to be tied to a machine the whole time. You can walk in the rooms and in the halls. You can even shower while being monitored.

Baptist Health Louisville is now using wireless Telemetry Monitoring in our Labor and Delivery department. Wireless Telemetry Monitoring is an electronic fetal monitor without wires. It is designed to give you greater mobility during labor and more choice in birthing positions. This new technology is not only for patients planning to deliver without an epidural but you can reap the benefits of wireless telemetry monitoring before you receive an epidural because you can be more mobile.

Here’s what one of Baptist Health Louisville’s nurses had to say about the new technology:

“The telemetry monitor allows greater freedom of movement during labor. The patient is able to use the restroom, take a shower, sit on a birthball, and be practically in any position while we safely monitor the fetal heart rate and contraction pattern. Patients are loving it.”

-Sadie Tamplin RN BSN, Baptist Health Louisville Labor and Delivery

Talk to your doctor if you are interested in the benefits of telemetry monitoring during your labor and delivery.

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