Your Annual Wellness Exam—Essential for Ongoing Good Health

Women First is committed to preventive care for women. So we’re strong proponents for women having a wellness and gynecologic exam every year, beginning by the age of 21.

Your annual visit provides an excellent opportunity for us to discuss ways for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and minimizing health risks. Your annual health assessment at Women First includes screenings, evaluation and counseling, including a detailed review of family history and how it may impact your health risks. We’ll also inquire about your emotional and sexual health, fertility goals, family planning and hormonal challenges, plus many other women’s issues.

A physical examination is a key part of this annual visit, which will vary depending on each patient’s age, and risk factors. Typically, this exam includes obtaining standard vital signs, determining your body mass index, and conducting a complete physical exam with both pelvic and clinical breast examinations. We’ll also recommend immunizations based on your age and risk factors.

Our health screenings, such as mammography and bone density assessment, are conveniently on site at Women First. We also have a full service laboratory on site, so lab orders typically can be handled at our own office.

Even though some tests such as Pap Screening are now recommended at periodic intervals rather than yearly, your annual exam is the mainstay of wellness for women and is vitally important to your ongoing health.

Make your appointment today—and every year—for your annual wellness exam by calling 502-891-8788.

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